“ Sorry to keep you waiting. Kuroki Takeru, reporting for duty... So, where are these brainless perps? ”

Takeru is one of Unit 8's willwearers and Lieutenants and the pilot of Oscar II.

Full Body Appearance

Appearance Edit

Takeru has a wildly cut brown hairstyle, red eyes, a tanned color, and a scar on the bottom side of his left cheek. He is usually seen in his willwear, casual clothing, or his classic suit and tie.

Personality Edit

Takeru's energetic and rash traits can sometimes get on his co-workers' nerves. He's very laid-back when it comes to standard police procedures and often uses unconventional tactics to solve problems. He's good at improvising which makes him quite useful on any type of mission.

Relationships Edit

Sōichirō Sena ?? ↵ Asami Kazari

Haruka Hoshimiya

Rin Yamabuki